Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Wheels Come Off (...Yeah...I Went There...)

If you asked me going into the series with the Athletics whether I would take a split against the best team in baseball, I would have gladly said yes.

With the way the Mets have been playing and the way they went about splitting the series, the good feelings have not dissipated.

The Mets battled at the end with 5 runs on 2 home runs: Lucas Duda's pinch-hit 3-run HR off a lefty, and another by Mr. Power, Chris Young. AND Curtis kept his ridiculous hot streak going with a 3 for 4 night to push his average to .242. THAT is starting to look more familiar.

The most concerning thing to come out of that last game is the way Zack Wheeler followed up his 3-hit shutout against the Marlins. 

With this one, the only thing you can do is brush off a 2-inning dud against the best offense in baseball and go get 'em next time.

I just don't want this game to remind me so much of THIS game.

Can't completely compare the two considering that in 2012, we had been playing much better over the course of the 1st half at the time of that failed comeback against the Cubs than we had been leading up to THIS failed comeback.

Hopefully, we don't play as miserable going forward as we did after that failed comeback.

Time for Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh.

I like that town and have to make it back there for a baseball game sometime.

Keep pushin', Metsies.


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