Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where's the Black Cat When You Need It?

This offense just feels like a corpse most of the time, and the fanbase can hardly stand another 1-0 loss.

What is Jon Niese to do? He obviously knows his role on this team....and at this point, his role is to keep pitching that way so he can get back any kind of role player of some kind of, or something....Just, Just get us SOMETHING, please, Mr. Niese. I wouldn't give my left hand to get you off this team, because I'm a southpaw like you, for one, but I bet you'd give up your left shoulder to get off this team and stop losing 1-0.

The Mets have yet to figure out the Cubs this year, and they have two more chances to do it. Once upon a time, a black cat ran across the division-leading Cubs' dugout at Shea Stadium, and the Mets went onto win the division and win the World Series. These days, it feels like black cats run across every offensive player's dugout.

In an ironic twist, an Orange Creamsicle-colored cat randomly showed up in 2009 on Opening Day at Citi Field. They lost 6-5 to the Padres, if you recall. I hope you recall HOW they got to that point (echoed-Pedro Feliciano and Mike Pelfrey, Echrm Echem.)

Now, this kinda makes sense if you know anything about Queens...there are lots of alley cats and it isn't out of the realm of possibility that's what that cat was, and he just happened to get lost on his way to the next old milk carton.

Maybe, since it wasn't the curs-ed black cat, it was the Ghosts of Upper Manhattan...the ORANGE side of things, cursing us for ignoring them in our presentation of New York National League history and legacy ("Where's the Giants Willie New York Road Jersey in the team shop, ey?! Those things would sell like HOTCAKES!")

Maybe THAT'S what this has all been about...

Or maybe they just need a better offense.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Legacy

For me, it's hard to think about the Mets and see the Mets without thinking about the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. There's a legacy, lineage and likenesss there, and it's always evident in my eyes.

Now, a man from Long Island named Steven Matz did something on Sunday that even his grandfather had never seen, who is, was and will ever be a die-hard Brooklyn Dodgers fan from Bay Ridge, born in 1933.

He didn't STOP being a Dodgers fan because it was his choice. They were taken away from him.

But he did have a choice of becoming a Mets fan, because...well, wait, he explains it, he didn't there either:
“We couldn’t change our loyalty to the Yankees. There was no way,” said Moller, who currently resides in Commack, LI. “Then the Mets came along, and we’ve been with them through all the years, the good years and the bad years.”
--New York Post 
It's crazy to say this, but that is, in some way, what Omar Minaya got right. Being a Queens kid himself, something deep down inside must have had that legacy in mind when drafting Steven Matz as the 72nd overall selection in the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft. Sure, he probably didn't know yet how deep the roots go, but still, mysterious ways are the ways it works sometimes.

The Mets are a unique beast. The team and its region and legion of Mets fans are the only of their kind to exist because two teams abandoned the New York National League Way of Life, with one abandoning the BROOKLYN way of life, period. Nothing exists like us anywhere else in this world. That didn't happen to any other city or state of fans.

And no pitcher since 1914 has collected 4 RBI's and 3 hits in his debut, and the ONLY PITCHER EVER to collect 4 RBI's in the debut as well.

Talk about a legacy.

This kid's got it.

New York National League to the MATZ.


Monday, June 22, 2015


This town breeds dysfunction from it's sports teams. Who knows what it is exactly. But the majority of the teams have led dysfunctionally the majority of their existences.

There are really only 3 teams that have consistently won: the Yankees, the Giants of Football (American), and the Rangers; even THOSE teams are not prone to the NYC dysfunction.

The Yankees are in a category all to their own (of winning AND disfunction.) So, forget them. And you know what? F%<K 'EM, TOO!

The Rangers are really the most consistent team in New York sports, and yet they are STILL owned and operated by the asshole scumbag filled with douches known as James Dolan, who has ruined the Knicks enough to have to put the task at hand into a man's hands who seemingly has functioned as well as anyone ever could over his career in sports...


The Rangers have certainly been dysfunctional throughout their consistent winning, failing to win a Stanley Cup in the last 21 years because every year, they play 6-7 games consistently deep into the playoffs, and look worn down by the time they lose. They need some 5 gamers here.

The Nets have introduced a whole new type of dysfunction to a borough that, for years, knew of and rooted for dem bums, who got that nickname in the 30's because they had been mostly, except for two years when they lost in the World Series (up until that point), a terribly awful team. A player named Babe Herman was once said to have "doubled into a double play" or "tripled into a double play" or whatever.

  • "The Dodgers have three men on base!"
  • "Oh, yeh? Which base?"[2]

THAT'S dysfunction.

And the Islanders, though not EXACTLY part of the city, until next year, were unbelievable for 4 straight years, and then were awful for most of the years since.

The Jets? Need I say more.

And then, there's the Mets. They put the FUNK in dysfunction.

The Mets have been funky when they win. And they've been funky when they lose.

Every time you think you've seen it all, they find new ways to make you roll your eyes.

The truth is that it is the most realistic. The struggle is what most of us are going through, and CERTAINLY some more than others.

We live paycheck to paycheck, trying like hell to keep our heads above water. It is certainly more relatable.

But even in the everyday Metropolitan struggle, at least the average New Yorker who is struggling with money functions regularly. The same can't be said for the NYC sports franchises. And that definitely can't be said about Wilpons, owner of the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club.

What can you do?

...The most rhetorical question said about this team...I'm sure it's hashtagged somewhere attached to #Mets.


I'm gonna go keep writing screenplays.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beat R.A.

It's unbelievable to think that the 2nd most memorable game for me from 2012 is almost 3 years old. When R.A. Dickey solidified his place in Mets history, winning his 20th game by a 6-5 margin, the bullpen narrowly blowing the comeback victory for the New York Mets (and a great catch by the opposition to boot.) Those Mets lost 88 games that year, but THAT win MEANT something. It was a glorious day at the ballpark.

Now, The Mets face R.A. for the first time in their current incarnation, and in his. In an ironic twist, the Mets current elder statesman, Bartolo Colon, will face the knuckleballing righty, who is in his potentially last year with the Blue Jays, who hold a team option with a $1 million buyout.

Is it conceivable that we could see R.A. Dickey in a Mets uniform next year? Bartolo's contract will be up, and some of these young pitchers will still have an innings limit. Plus, the knuckleball, back in the NL East, would offer everybody a completely different look every 5th day, along with a veteran anchor for the young staff. It's interesting to conceive, and possibly monitor once the offseason rolls around...

But first thing's first...Beat R.A. Tonight. Don't let him be pumped to face you and then he has his best outing in 3 years.


Friday, June 12, 2015


I haven't been consistent with this blog, and neither have the Mets.

Well...the way I phrased it, it sounds like the Mets haven't been consistent in writing on my blog, but you get my drift.

The Mets haven't been consistent with anything.
When they hit, they don't pitch. When they pitch, they don't hit.

The 2-1 games have older Mets fans flashing back to 1971.

And games like Matt Harvey's 8-5 loss have them flashing back to Game 7 of '73.

The last thing the Mets have been is consistent.

Except consistently in 1st place.

It was ironic to randomly check in on the Washington/Milwaukee game when I did Thursday night. The Mets had long walked off, salvaging a horrendous series to their Orange Ancestors, a series in which an asshole could argue contains the only no-hitter in Citi Field history. I hadn't even acknowledged on this blog the 3rd anniversary of the greatest baseball game I ever attended, and here's some rookie with the same last name as the man who played Moses putting an exclamation point on how inept the Mets offense has gotten before I could mark the former on here. 

Back, however, to the midwest, where I was happy to find Bob Uecker call a game as well as ever. The score 6-5 Brew Crew, who had staved off an early Nats swarm to chip away and eventually take a lead into the 9th...with none other than Frankie Rodriguez on the mound to save it. Though he gave up a 2-out hit to Ian Desmond, he got 3 ground ball outs the Mets back in front of the team they beat.

What a weird season this 2015 has been.

It's June 12th. The season is long. And we could all use a little more consistency in our lives.

But at least we're currently in first place.

Cheers to that.

Let's see if we ever take off.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Exhaustion

I hadn't gotten too much sleep over that last week. I had eyed these offdays, Monday and Tuesday, as days to soak up sequences of R.E.M. The only thing is I'm broke, in need of an apartment, and some short-term supplemental income luckily bursted onto the scene. I was left with no choice. Less sleep it was.

Around gametime, my friend and I, who helped get me the gig, wrapped it up. So, from 7:10 on, with a walk through Soho, Noho and up towards Union Sq., onto the Q train to Flatbush Brooklyn, it was around the middle of the game that I laid down on my bed. Clearly, there was the risk of falling asleep with this crucial matchup on, but after a long day into a hard day's night, I just wanted to relax with the game on, and relax with the game on I did.

And longer than I freakin' expected to.

As those innings kept dragging on, I was in that perfect zone of completely awake but sleeping to the rest of the world except for you and your game. The fact it went all the way to the 14th inning wasn't a detriment. It felt like the perfect world.

That seems to be the Mets number lately. 14 runs Saturday, 14 innings Monday. We're lucky the game didn't go into Tuesday.

I can only hope 14 is a good omen, with a certain Gil watching over us more so this year.

Good things happen when luck and preparation meet.

I'm glad I got to sleep before midnight.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Enough With the Thor Puns

The thing is...he really DID bring the hammer down. I unfortunately wasn't able to view how sick he pitched in the moment, letting Howie and Josh wax poetically regarding the filth that Mr. Syndergaard was bringing. According to the video proof that SNY captured and cut down into a fun-filled minute 20, to think that THAT SET UP HARVEY DAY is something that can tickle the Orange and Blue fancy of Metsian folk all over.

Call them the Bounce Back Kids, because that's what they've been, and it takes a day like this and all the interviews after to be reminded that we're not talking about Rod Barajas giving it the ol' college try, or Tim Redding reminding us why you don't inexplicably trot journeyman pitchers out for a photo op. These are mostly very VERY talented young players who are ready and determined to not only make a name for themselves but make a name while lifting the Mets across their chest out of an ugly era where what felt like 100 years of heartbreak was compacted into the matter of 6 years...and go ahead and throw in 15 years considering how Amazin' the letdown was in 2009 after 2002-2004 occurred. You also have some able veterans with a lot left in their career to prove. These aren't your Manny Acosta Metropolitans. This team belongs to this great young pitching, and some amazin' bats that will follow over the coming years...and Juan Lagares.

It was ironic and unsettling that one of those hopeful anchors of our newest era made direct contact with what was considered in the summer of 2007 to be hopeful anchor for the Metsian future, but Carlos Gomez was traded in the Johan Santana trade, inadvertently bringing on the 1st No-Hitter in Mets history. The scary moment between the two young players yesterday also ended up showing off how classy athletes can sometimes be with how they spoke to each other post-game. Thankfully, Carlos is OK.

And now, the Cardinals. We all hate them. We all know how we perform against them, and at home no less, will go a long way to solidifying how good this team could possibly be. Or whether things will continue to trend south.

But this isn't Nick Evans' Mets anymore.