Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Facial Hair Review from a Facial Hair Enthusiast

Dillon Gee reported to camp a few days ago with this mammoth-size no-mustache goatee on his chin.

I consider myself somewhat of a facial hair connoisseur. I'm very lucky in that I can basically do whatever I want with my beard. This is me last halloween:

Long Live the Mutton Chop

I ended up keeping that all of November, and actually went to my friend's wedding wearing it. Anyway, when Gee's Goatee made its appearance, I felt it necessary to comment.

It's awesome. I am normally not a fan of the goatee (at least for my face), let alone a no-stache goatee, but once it gets that long, into the Bagwell-style region, you will most certainly get props from me.

Dillon Gee looked like this at one point last year:

So, that new goatee took some major offseason-growing dedication. With a year of major league service under his belt and that kind of commitment, let's look forward to a fantastic sophomore year from Dillon Gee. Worst-case scenario, we have another Dale Thayer on our hands.

That stache is still awesome, though. (and remember THAT game? Pelfrey actually pitched well and the bullpen blew it for like the umpteenth time in umpteenth attempts? Let's have less of those this year, please. Less of those EVERY year, please.) 

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