Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where Did THAT Come From?!

No matter how good and energetic the Mets looked in Miami, their 10-1 win yesterday was the LAST thing I saw coming, especially at home AND against the best team in baseball, the Oakland Athletics.

The story lines were ripe for dissection.

You had the Mets coming off of a solid road trip, about to take on the best team in baseball, whom they once lost a World Series to in 7 games.

And sidenote: forget about that 1973 fact and the novelty of the two teams facing each other. The Mets and the Athletics' logos are just aesthetically pleasing next to each other.


You had Bartolo Colon on the mound, facing his former team who opted to not bring him back. They decided to give a 2 year, 22 million dollar deal to the man on the mound for them last night, Scott Kazmir, who was facing the Mets for the 1st time in Queens since the infamous deal that sent him to Tampa Bay in exchange for the greatest pitcher of all time, Victor Zambrano. AND Scott's been the best pitcher in the American League this year.

On top of that, you had Chris Young facing his former team, with reports surfacing on the off day Monday that he may be released Thursday.

And let's run with that one for a second.

I thought it was a ridiculous leak, and one that made no sense if you were really contemplating releasing him when Juan Lagares returns Thursday, then that's basically squashed when you then have to go to the press and say, "Those reports are false."

It brings up what Josh Thole talked about when saying how everything is a story here, and no matter how much I think it's clear the last thing any players anywhere need to pay attention to is anything but the baseball they need to play, it is true that the New York atmosphere is something fierce and rather unique, other than maybe Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago.

There might be something to the leak, though, where a conspiracy theory can be formed that it was calculated and a last-minute ditch effort to light a fire under the 7.25 million dollar man. At least for one game, Chris Young responded and resoundingly so. We'll see what happens...

You also had Travis d'Arnaud fresh off his AAA stint, where he tore the cover off the ball. Though he still struck out twice, a 3-run bomb certainly takes a load off. Though he wasn't in the 5-hole as myself and Keith Hernandez had hoped, Terry didn't bat him just ahead of the pitcher's spot, which was a step in the right direction.

Speaking of the 4 home runs the Mets hit (the 1st time all year they have done so in Citi Field, with the only other time in 2014 coming at Yankee Stadium), the only bomb that wasn't an original (stupid) dimension home run was Curtis Granderson's, a dunker over the Mo's zone wall which gave us a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 2nd. What's awesome about THAT shot was that the dugout was still abuzz from it when Chris Young launched his 1st of the night.

The team certainly looks to have new life, which can be traced back to when Bartolo Colon collected his 1st hit in 9 years last week against the Cardinals (and collected ANOTHER one last night!) They've got the towels twirlin' and the bats properly swingin'.

Tonight, Zack Wheeler goes for the 1st time since the best start of his career last week, so I am very much looking forward to how he follows that up, especially against what has been by far the best offense in baseball.


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