Friday, July 18, 2014

Kick it Off

Truth be told, the title sounds like I am about to write about the start of the American Football season, but that's not seriously arriving for another month and a half (and I am much less excited for that than I am for baseball to gear back up.) When I thought of my first words to describe my feelings for the "2nd half" of the season to begin, I thought, "kick. It. Off."

There is a validity to us Mets fans' optimism that hadn't been there the other times these last few years we've been cautiously optimistic, and part of that certainly has to do with having a roster void of Rod Barajases and the Jeff Francouers. The team's offense looks to have started clicking with every single person that can play daily contributing with the kind of situational hitting we haven't seen in these here parts in a long time. The players who DON'T play everyday? Well...they have been great from the get-go, and that young bullpen we dreamed about in the offseason is finally starting to round into form.

So, i dont feel dread about this upcoming 2nd half. I feel if this team and their young roster continues their development and continues to click, there is no reason they can't finish over point five hundred.

Gear it up, boys.
And kick it off.


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