Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lightening Doesn't Strike Twice in Two Nights

I sat there amazed that they were rallying in the 9th ONCE AGAIN. I wasn't amazed that this team could do that, I was just amazed at the similarities, amazed because this possible comeback was a lot harder than the 1 run comeback of the night before. When a team has the hard luck of a batter lining it directly at the glove of the pitcher the way The Duda did to induce the double play in the 9th, the comeback just wasn't meant to be. Things fell our way the night before, but unfortunately could not fall the same way last night, as they lose to the Cubbies, 7-8, for the 3rd time in 4 tries.

This game mostly rests on the shoulders of Johan Santana. He just didn't have it. Damage control was attempted over the 1st 4 innings, and for a little while he battled. But his lack of command was too much, and the Cubs crushed him. Say what you want about him rolling over the ankle at 1st in the 4th, but he wasn't very good before that as well. Have a solid break, Johan, and come back with guns blazing.

Ruben Tejada does not know anything but a 3-2 count. It's absolutely amazin' the way he battles. Here's what's crazy...he's 22!!! Jose Reyes hardly ever had the kinds of at-bats Tejada is having at age 22 in 2005. They are totally different players, but the kind of hitter Ruben is turning into at this age makes me extremely excited to see where he goes from here. He's batting .330 or so and has a .340 OBP with a 2-strike count. .340!!! Glad he's back.

Snazzy blue jerseys as well. (I have an idea for what I would like to see as a blue alternate, and I'll get into that some point soon.)

Now, the Mets HAVE to win the last 2 games. Gotta be 8 games over at the break. ENOUGH OF THESE LEFTIES!!!! Today, Dillon Gee takes on Jeff Samardzija at 4:10PM. COME ON, METSIES!!!


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