Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the Sake of It

The following is an exchange that occurred after posting this morning's piece (well...if morning were the crack of noon...) on the Mets Facebook group page, "THE True New York Mets Fans," not to be confused with "True New York Mets Fans," "True Mets Fans," or "Real New York Mets Fans." Yeah, I have plenty of other things I should be doing than commenting on Facebook about the Mets and then writing a post about the experience. I am unemployed once more and am looking into working at Two Boots Pizza after having started a job at Samuel Goldwyn Films back in January (and I don't mean for that to come off as an insult to Two Boots because I think it could be a match made in heaven...)

The bottom line is people are probably generally commenting on Facebook when they should be doing a number of other things.

Regardless, here is the exchange I can put in public because it already HAS been published in public.

  • Timothy Monaco Can I be made an admin so Sam maxwell gets banned? Using this group as a place to dump links for you horrible blog is not cool
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  • Sam Maxwell Look, Timothy Monaco('cause of course, we have to tag them when we respond.....) plenty of people drop blog posts into these groups. You seriously have a problem with myself and my blog, by all means ask the person directly who runs this blog to ban me. I don't curse on here, I don't insult people who make comments on here, and I'm (generally) unoffensive to most folks. So, I don't know what your problem is, 'cause you certainly have the willpower to ignore it all.
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  • Timothy Monaco You don't provide anything to the conversation other than your posting of poorly written boring ramblings. And no most people don't just come on here and dump their crummy blog...
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  • Sam Maxwell Whatever, dude. I've gotten into plenty of "conversations" about the mets on here and other groups. You have your opinion. Until someone asks me without insulting me who actually runs this group to stop posting my stuff, i will keep posting. my stuff doesn't seem to be deleted when scrolling down the page.
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  • Andrew Lavan What's the point of this post? It's just ranting for the sake of ranting.
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  • Sam Maxwell So? Andrew Lavan (.....) Sometimes you get to that point in what you have to say about last night. That's fandom. And each post is a representation of how I feel about the team in that given moment. It might also have to do with the level I can pay attention to it, which might be why I don't give "sound and thorough definitions" of why things are wrong with the team. Who cares if you're ranting for the sake of ranting? If you look through my post history, you'll find plenty of times I haven't just "ranted", where I've looked through different aspects of the game with a thorough presentation of how I perceived the moments of the story. And I've been easy on the team too, 'cause I find baseball awesome and know that not ranting and raving during the hard times "for the sake" of it doesn't really help, 'cause living through those times and taking them in stride will make when they win THAT much sweeter. BUT the team has gotten to the point where change needs to occur much sooner than later, and for the sake of ranting, I rant.
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  • Timothy Monaco Looking through your post history I see one post in this group that isn't a blog dump. And it's a crappy blog
  • Timothy Monaco Oh wait you had your thanks for the add post
  • Sam Maxwell Again, whatever, dude. Who the heck cares? I'm sorry I bother you so much, but I appreciate you fueling my creativity in this particular scenario.
  • Timothy Monaco Creativity? If you had any it might be a remotely readable blog, instead the only positive thing I can say about it is that it is written in English
  • Timothy Monaco Your blog sucks, you spam this group with it, and you don't participate in anything...
  • Sam Maxwell Are you talking about Rising Apple as the crappy blog? That's cool, dude. Again. At no particular point have I ever insulted anyone on this group, and this look on you is quite unbecoming. This is FACEBOOK, and you're treating it like it's a serious thing in this world. (And this was where I played into what Facebook can make you do...or what you let Facebook make you do...Facebook is just an excuse...) You are an example of how awful this new world has become, and I look forward to responding at a later junction.
  • Timothy Monaco Actually you are what's wrong with the "new world" no one wants to read your feelings stop slamming groups with it. Notice every reply you post is someone calling your blog junk?
  • Sam Maxwell You are an embarrassment to this generation, and reasons why older people like this man complain about us.

    From Louis C.K.'s Do your job 20 Year Olds. Louis - You are awesome!
  • Timothy Monaco I'm not 20 and I do my job??? It's completely irrelevant post? Just please fade away, you can keep writing your mets xanga just stop spamming it in this group
  • Sam Maxwell (Yes, it was slightly irrelevant but still, if you really listen to Louis and think about what he's saying in it, about how spoiled we young'uns are with all this technology, it IS relevant...but whatever. Let's continue...)Listen, since Andrew Lavan commented, I will. I will indeed. I will stop posting my blogs on here and only get into debates about Mets info and ask people what they think of this Mets thing and what they think of that Mets thing and how awful the stretches are and I will stop "spamming" this group. But again, I thank you for your insults and comments 'cause it DOES make me better at what I do. I apologize for stooping down to the level of hurling insults, but I do appreciate this chain that we have gotten into.
  • Timothy Monaco You want tips on how to make your blog better? Make it less about you. You aren't particularly witty or interesting. Research about the mets. If you'd rather just rant at least be funny
  • Sam Maxwell Dude, this is the experience I am going through, and it's mostly an Op blog. I do plenty of research about the Mets. The funny thing is that you apparently read it enough to know it's about me. The blog is about my life as it plays out around following the Mets. I actually have gotten away from that mantra, but yes, I understand how that comes off as "spam." I'd say I'd should start posting more of the Rising Apple posts, but apparently you think that's a crappy blog, too. Whatever, dude. You are certainly one of the elements that makes this fun and interesting.

And upon further inspection, 'cause clearly I was going to keep obsessing over the whole thing because I am an obsessive person, (as shown by this ENTIRE POST...) I saw some other comments on the piece titled, "It's Over" from Monday:

Notice how it wasn't deleted considering I was able to grab the comments...Plus, that post was one of the most clicked on in this blog's history.

Now, the thing is, comments like his are great. I'm glad to hear why people don't like certain things I do. And to be honest, they're probably mostly right. Plus, no matter how much I should be doing other things right now, including looking through footage of the Mets and interviews with fans, the exchange lights a fire, one that does fuel me creatively here, and one that certainly gets me in a better place to do all the things I need to do and obsess over things much more important for me to obsess over, creatively or otherwise.

And it made me think...This blog IS about me. I have never hidden that since the day I wrote "Dumping the Navy Pinstripes for the Orange and Blue." As I said in the comments, the blog is about my life as it plays out around following the Mets. And I have gotten away from that mantra. I have suffered from not writing enough for close to a year. For a while, I would NEVER miss a day the Mets played to talk about what I saw and maybe tell a story surrounding the game if there was one to tell. Starting in the summer of 2013, I wrote one for every series, and then, as regular readers know, the writing became less and less frequent. Then, I didn't write for the majority of the 1st two months of 2014. Though the readership has grown steadily since I started the blog, clearly, what had made me successful I got away from, and that was just doing what it is I do. The thing is when Timothy says ('Cause I don't know if people call him Tim...'Cause I don't KNOW Timothy):

You want tips on how to make your blog better? Make it less about you. You aren't particularly witty or interesting. Research about the mets. If you'd rather just rant at least be funny

That's not me. Other people do that. Other people do...echem..."research" about the Mets. And be witty and funny and interesting, since I am not those things.

I'm the Converted Mets Fan. I am Sam Maxwell. I am a ridiculous human being. My nickname was "psycho" at the Jewish summer camp I went to because of all the Ritalin I took and overdramatics I would employ in presenting myself to the world. I'd like to say I've toned down those overdramatics in my adult life, but...well...

I have had 2 mothers ever since my mom came out when I was 10 and a father who has been an actor, who also considers himself an "honorary lesbian." I have three older half-sisters on my dad's side and a little sister on my mothers' side. When peers used to slur the insult, "Yo mamma!" my way, I would respond with, "Which one?"

All three of my parents love women. And passed that love and appreciation onto me.

I don't take ritalin anymore and I want to be in film in whatever capacity that ends up being. I don't view baseball as my favorite sport but rather as my religion.

I am unemployed after having started at Samuel Goldwyn Films in January but still go to Mets games with my former boss who fired me, a die-hard Mets fan.

I love movies, I love TV, I love my family and I love New York.

And I LOVE the New York Mets.

And luckily for me, I'm not the only ridiculous human being out there. In fact, I'm fairly certainly the majority of us are.

I WILL, however, be eradicating the posting of my pieces on "THE True New York Mets Fans" Facebook page. 

After this one, of course.
So, no need to worry Timothy Monaco and Matt Regan, and Matt Kaufman and Stephen Josiah, and Matthew Everett and Glen Goldberg, and Bob Dittus. I love AND HATE the fact I can write your full names here.

...................WAIT, what happened??? I blacked out.....well, anyway...I should go get a JOB..........


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