Thursday, May 22, 2014

From a Mile Away

We've seen it a million times.

The storyline is worn out.

A very winnable game is thrown in the loss column once more because of LOBs and lack of fundamentals.

The pitcher, and in this case one making his 2nd big league start, has no margin for error and it probably leads to tightness, trying to be too perfect.

Last night, Jacob deGrom took some big league lumps, giving up 3 solo shots to the Dodgers batting order. By no means a terrible game. He was locked in and crafty the rest of the way through, but as usual, the Mets offense gave him no room for error.

It didn't help that they were facing a lefty in Hyun-Jin Ryu who had not given up a road run all year long.

But surprisingly, that changed in the 6th inning with 2 out and Curtis Granderson on 1st after reaching for a single on the outside part of the plate (some nice op-field hitting.) The new kid, Eric Campbell, got a chance to turn the game around and did...well, at least did his part with a 2-run shot that got out of the park to left field in a hurry to make it 3-2 Dodgers at the time. So far, Eric Campbell is 7-16 with 1 HR and 5 RBI. He hasn't played much, only starting a handful of games since being called up on the 10th of May. I'd like to see the kid in action more, no offense to The Duda (none ever is.)

And focusing on Eric Campbell's good night makes me think of something else I saw on Facebook, 'cause that's all I thought about for a good portion of yesterday.

The only problem I have with your postings on this particular fan fb site is that it is called Optimistic Met Fans and I joined because every once in awhile I need a breather away from the negative banter that dominates the other sites. It's a bit disheartening to come on here and find a fan who keeps posting more negative stuff. I admit it's not overly bad stuff but still it keeps me from getting too involved on here because the last thing I want to be reminded of daily on a Optimistic site is how sh*tty the Mets are once again. Please know this is just a mild complaint.

I didn't used to be this way. It has probably been a combination of the Mets and my own personal stuff that has tipped me into such negative territory. I have generally been overly optimistic, and cutting some slack where others are complaining and whining. What's the whining going to do?

And that's true. What is the whining going to do? If they keep losing, if people stay away from the ballpark, anything I dislike will probably be taken care of in due time...maybe. Regardless, let us focus on the positive. I won't even bring up the fundamentals that plagued the Mets in the top of the 7th...oops.

But seriously, Curtis looks to be turning it around...we have more kids coming up, and though they may struggle, we have to sit back and let them get their work in and give them time to adjust. Travis d'Arnaud seems to be getting better from getting bonked on the head by Alfonso Soriano and should be off the 7-day concussion list soon. And win or lose, there'll probably be some trades occurring in June and/or July.

So, while things can easily look lost for this franchise, maybe, just maybe, things will all add up in the end.


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