Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, uh, What'd I Miss About the Mets Yesterday?

Well, firstly, Marlon Byrd is off the board....and to the stinkin' Phillies, his original team.

Thing's for $8 million a year!!!!

Yeah, I was a big fan of the Byrd being the word last year. He was the man. I just certainly think the Phillies overpaid for him. As does Ted.
Why?  Did?  We do that?
Why is marlon Byrd the first free agent off the board
Well, also, the Mets are apparently showing some interest in underachieving OF Chris Young. But here's what I hate about the new-age Hot Stove: We'll get all these rumors and tweets and "interested in" and "COULD BE interested in" that have some fans flipping out at every single freakin' hypothetical....and then out of nowhere, without any inclination at all, the Phillies sign Marlon Byrd to a 2-year, $16 million contract.

I miss the days where there was an actual stove involved.

Clearly, though, offense is the key this Hot Stove Season for the Mets, and that's EXACTLY what everyone in the front office keeps saying when asked.

Sidenote...NOW you decide to talk your head off, James Dolan?

Alright, let's get to the Random Nothing of the Day.


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