Thursday, November 14, 2013

How's That Foot Taste, Jeff?

By now, you've all probably heard what Jeff Wilpon had to say yesterday at the GM Meetings.

If not, here is the full quote, that arrived after he said the free agent contracts are "a little scary" right now:
"We've got a couple more meetings. And there might be hopefully something cooking later. Right now, it's quiet. Sandy's been in meetings all morning. He's got a couple more meetings this afternoon. So we'll see where we are."
He also said something about 5 or 6 balls being up in the air, and that we'll see which ball lands first, according to some beat reporter's twitter feeds.

Later, Sandy Alderson was all like, "What? No, no, no. Nothing is imminent." (not a direct quote.)

Then, later on, the Mets tweeted that Huey Lewis and the News would be performing next year.

Ted Berg has the scoop right here.

Scott Boras said some things too about Space Travel, but I won't give that time here....

You know what Jeff should have said?
"We're working on some things."
And then, something like, "Sandy's got it under control," or "That's all I can comment on right now, folks."

The beat reporters and #MetsTwitter would have eaten that up!

It would behoove Mr. Young Wilpon to play coy right now, even though I know he probably thought he was doing some good by saying "Somethin's cookin'" to a fan base who is clinging to every last word, which is certainly our fault as well, but come on. He's been in this business long enough to understand the current media structure, and how things blow out of proportion extremely quickly. It's not like he was all that controversial or whatever, but the chain of events is not good PR for a team desperately looking to change the conversation and the perception. Sandy Alderson just wants to do his job, and Jeff isn't necessarily making it difficult ('cause it is difficult in general), but he is certainly wasting Sandy's time with questions that beat reporters won't let up on. "Yeah, we're working on some things just like every damn team in this building is working on some things. We'll let you know when something's imminent," is probably what the non-measured side of Sandy is saying in his head.

Because guess what, folks? It's November. The awards are just being released, and Marlon Byrd is the only Major League free agent off the board.

It's like Mike Lecolant said last night on the Rising Apple Report:
"Who's coaching this guy?!"
A lot of great points were made on the podcast about what Jeff Wilpon should and shouldn't be saying right now. Listen to it when you get a chance, which included Jeff Jahelka, host of the Saturday Morning Spectacular, a weekly podcast dedicated to discussing different historical baseball topics, which I have been on a few times as well.

Anyway, even though one could refer to Jeff Wilpon's comments as the Random Nothing of the Day...

Here's the Random Nothing of the Day.


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