Saturday, July 6, 2013

Helping Ted Win in Vegas

It's been a while since quotes of Ted were plastered across these Orange and Blue pages, but with the man going 4 for 4 in betting on baseball in Sin City, there were plenty of quotes pouring in while I was at work and the Mets were working on a 12-5 win.

First, before we quote Ted from Vegas, I posted yesterday without any knowledge that Ike had been announced as returning from Vegas in the waning hours of July 4th. The man got 3 hits last night, his 1st a dribbler that played into the shift. EXACTLY. That's what Ike needs to be doing. Of course we want doubles power and home run power from the guy. If he's concentrating on getting on base any way he can, the approach that will bring the power swing will be there and the doubles and home runs will come. And the average will be up because of the more contact-oriented approach. That's my take. I'm glad he's back.

AND Kirk Nieuwenhuis! We sometimes forget about him and how solid of a hitter he was for most of his minor league career and for the 1st part of 2012. The strikeouts had mounted and he was too much of a liability. His approach has slowly gotten better since the walkoff home run against the Cubs and if he can continue to see the baseball and put sound swings on the ball, we might have an outfielder on our hands that doesn't have to be gotten from the trade deadline or free agency. Clearly, it's just 1 game, but it was the game of his life, and here's to more of them in the future.

Anyway, here's Ted's Quote:
 Can the pen get through 4 innings
Can you tell the Mets to hurry up and win this. I'm trying to cash out and get dinner. 
Stop scoring runs.
Take a knee. Lets end this game.
I got shit to do. 
For the record, The Mets, the Phils, the Cards and the Jays helped Ted go 4 for 4.


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