Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Can't Write About the Mets Today (Insert Sad Face Here)

This is the time in November that things start to really heat up, especially in this offseason that is so important for the Mets franchise. I like that no matter how much pressure there is on Sandy Alderson to make a big splash and get this team right, he still sounds as measured as ever in how he goes about his dealings.

That's all I can really give this team today. If it were up to me (or more importantly, if I were getting PAID to do this) I would write and search and look about for Mets stuff to comment on all day long. I like the fact, however, that I am working towards being a professional screenwriter and being a filmmaker over the long-term, no matter how daunting of a task that is. Tuesdays have been my screenwriting day this semester, as I have class at 4, followed by a non-institution-affiliated workshop at 6. And I really, REALLY, need to not be reading or writing about how the Mets COULD have interest in this player, or that player, or trading one or the other of some players they currently have. 

So, this is it. This is all I got today. Tomorrow will open up and I'll probably have a HUGE PIECE about how and what the Mets should do....

Or, I'll just once again poke fun at how everyone flips out based on one quick tweet or headline in this day and age of flipping out over one quick tweet or one crazy headline.

Here's the Random Nothing of the Day.


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