Friday, August 9, 2013

Returning the Favor

It thrills me beyond belief that the Mets swept the Colorado Rockies after losing 8 straight to them at Citi Field (not to mention after they got swept out in Colorado, not counting that makeup game we won.)

The last time the Rockies won a game at Citi Field was Collin McHugh's Major League Debut, where he took a no-decision in the Mets 1-0 loss.

He was traded for Eric Young, Jr.

The Mets have clearly needed to win A LOT MORE at home, and it looked to be a thrilling week out in Flushing. It's not even they needed to win more....they needed to stop being 10 GAMES UNDER at home. They need to feed off the energy returning, and this series was a prime example of what it should feel like for the fan and the team at Citi Field.

Shall we take a quick look at some of the highlights?

Those uniforms are so awesome.

Hey, eh, how bout Matt Harvey's first career Shutout?

And how bout a lil pitching and small ball to get the job done?

Oh...It looks like that last game that finished the sweep with a 2-1 score does not have any embedding. Yeah, it wasn't as Baller as those last two highlight reels, but still a solid, solid win (and in those lovely blue unis with the Orange and Blue hat, too.)

It's ok, though. You all know where to find the highlights if you're craving them.

Now, it's time for a series in Phoenix. Keep it up, Metsies.

OH! I guess I can't leave this portion of the post without talking about Wilmer Flores...


Anyway, before I embed this week's Rising Apple Report, where Andrew Battifarano and Jason Mast made their Report debuts, I point you to this link as well, where Larry King will once again join me on the Bedford & Sullivan Podcast, today at 1:30PM ET, to discuss an average Brooklyn summer day for lil Larry in the late 1930's, the conversations in the borough streets at that time, more stories from the seats of Ebbets Field, and why Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" trumps all others as the most devastating walk-off home run in the history of baseball.

Make sure to tune in at 1:30PM ET.

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