Monday, August 5, 2013

Royally Blue

Well, that basically sucked.

It opened bittersweet with an Eric Young, Jr. walkoff, a glimmer of hope that this team has spunk after their leader, David Wright, went down with a hamstring strain (after hearing about tightness in that area for a few days prior.)

It was relatively clear all weekend how much this team misses the guy.

So, now it must be figured out how to ignite another spark while the Captain is down. I'm not sure what they are going to do with someone like Wilmer Flores, who is having a great year in Vegas and knows how to play 3rd, but just inserting Justin Turner, no matter how much he's the man, isn't really the way to go. If lackluster offense and shoddy defense continue, and we keep losing against Colorado this week (who, by the way, is on an 8-game winning streak at Citi Field) then all of us calling for Wilmer Flores (or SOMETHING) other than reorganizing the current player board are right.

Wait a sec...

We're still right, regardless of lackluster offense and shoddy defense, and losses.

Anyway, this morning, I will have the privilege of interviewing a legend of this National League town, Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Carl Erskine, aka "Oisk," on the first Bedford & Sullivan podcast of a podcast doubleheader. We'll discuss items such as growing up in Anderson, Indiana, stories from the streets of Bay Ridge, and his relationship with Jackie Robinson.

Tune in at 9:30AM EST.

Then later today, at 5:30PM EST, San Francisco State University Professor Svein Arber will call in and discuss his life growing up in Brooklyn USA.

Quite the Research Monday for the Bedford & Sullivan project.

Enjoy the Metsian off-day, everyone.


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