Thursday, July 11, 2013

What a Treat & the Rising Apple Report

Though I had been checking in on the eventual 7-2 Mets win a couple times yesterday, I wasn't able to truly follow it and zone out to Metsian stuff until Dan Haefeli and myself got on air for the Rising Apple Report.

Later, I was able to watch the condensed game, and Dan hits it on the head when he says in the podcast that Wheeler's secondary stuff wasn't great, but his fastball was so it didn't matter yesterday. I'm sure he had some extra juice flowin' facing his former team.

With Marlon Byrd continuing to rake (though striking out 3 times) we discussed the continually evolving market for the right fielder, as well as other places the Mets could look to deal from.

Also, did you all know that the Mets swept the Giants in SF for the 1st time since 1994?

And Omar Quintanilla made another spectacular play in the field (with a great stretch by Ike) that you should all take a look at after listening to the podcast.

Speaking of which, let's get to that. 
Enjoy the off-day everyone.

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