Thursday, July 25, 2013


I guess it should be considered a good thing that I missed a game post, and a winning one at that. Considering I'm in the last week of classes specializing in a field I expect to make a career, it's good to be distracted from the item that normally does the distracting.

Though last night, I had enough gameday in my view to be well aware of the inning that got away. I haven't seen any video or heard any audio, but I did hear that Eric Young, Jr. and Tim Hudson got into a crazy accident during the 8-2 loss. That sucks, 'cause I respect the guy, you know?

Alright, before I add last night's awesome Rising Apple Report podcast, with myself, Dan Haefeli and Rich Sparago, let's look at last night's lineup and consider its strikeout potential at the bottom.

Starting Lineups

I don't even want to show you how many strikeouts it was, though it's nothing insane. I just read about some strikeouts that lead to a rally-kill.

It REALLY sucks that Hef has had two bad starts in a row, but I'm not about to jump to any conclusions considering.


OH! Last question: What the Los Mets' All-Time Record?

Seriously, I don't know, but I somehow remember a bunch of them being losses...

That is all.

Here's the Rising Apple Report.


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