Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Still Pissed Off More Than 12 Hours Later.

There is really no specific person I feel I can blame for that one.

The offense had chances to tack on. They didn't.

The defense was set up based on the charts. Everything dropped in the right place for the Braves.

Bobby Parnell has had 2 iffy outings in a row, both against NL East rivals.

Terry Collins had the infield back with a 1-run lead. I've blamed Terry so many times this year, I'm clichély a broken record.

The Mets have played solid baseball for quite a while now.

They just haven't been able to go on any real winning streak, and any "#PlayoffPush" is going to involve winning more than 2 in a row before dropping a winnable game.

Forget a playoff push. I would feel better about their chances of finishing at or above .500 if I saw a 7-game winning streak, or something along those lines. It's nice to have 7-3 record every 10, of course. And that will add up by September 29th. They need a real winning streak, though. Especially at home, with their record at Citi Field keeping them a losing team.

Slightly off the Metsian topic, the Bedford & Sullivan podcasts have been a real treat. If you haven't listened to them yet, whether you have a foundation of knowledge regarding the 1937-1957 era of America, Brooklyn and its Dodgers, or you are completely ignorant to the info of that time, my guests have delivered fascinating stuff regarding the period. I highly recommend you stay active listeners in the research process of the Premium-Cable-Style TV Series I am developing.
(and just to keep clarifying, NOT A DOCUMENTARY.)

Anyway, below is a list of the podcast episodes we have had so far. Larry King will join me once again this Friday, July 26th, followed by LIU Professor Joe Dorinson on Monday, July 29th, and Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Carl Erskine on Friday, August 2nd.

Listen in, Folks. And enjoy your Tuesday.
And as always...

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