Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Mejarvey Day?

Yesterday went rather well, don't you think?

The team continued to bounce back, looking anything but listless after a rather listless 8-2 loss.

Eric Young, Jr. headed out of the game, though, as a precaution for pulling up gingerly at 3rd, going back to the incident that led to Tim Hudson's season ending. Andrew Brown replaced him, and after Rich, Dan and I discussed on the Rising Apple Report the need for him to get some ABs soon, Brown delivered with some big hits.

Wheeler by no means looks spectacular yet. He by no means look awful either. Consistency is clearly the word, and he's on his way to finding it. The 1st run shouldn't have scored, but luckily John Buck made up for his throwing error (as well as his lazy error trying to backhand the curveball he called for) with a big-time double later in the game.

Oh, and the umps need to do a better job with these wacky dimensions that are a by-product of the original job that was done on Citi Field. Though I'm happy Metsian runs scored, David Wright's triple was clearly a ground-rule double, and yeah, the current dimensions are much better, but they have many troubling spots that the umps need to pay extra attention to, and yesterday was horrendous job on their part. I shouldn't be complaining since it helped the Mets, but what about when it won't help the Mets? Everything should be even and fair, and the umps doing a poor job always gets to me. They should be extra-aware of their surroundings, because it's not like those dimensions just appeared.

We are now on our way to 4 games in 3 days against the struggling Washington Nationals, who unfortunately got a shot in the arm yesterday by walking off against Pittsburgh.

Today's doubleheader will feature not only Matt Harvey (who pitches this evening) but a blast from the past who could easily be a big part of our future. It's just that Jenrry Mejia has been around, up and down, twisted and turned, and back again for what feels like an eternity. They have been as uneven with their plan for the kid as any team has ever been with a prospect, and we can't say definitively that it has led to all these injuries, but for now, in this moment, none of that matters. It only matters how he performs today, and we'll go....somewhere from there.

Happy Me...jarvey Day? 
Sure...Happy Mejarvey Day everyone!


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