Sunday, April 7, 2013

Discussing the New Alternates Before Discussing Saturday's Win

I would love to talk about the 1st come-from-behind win of the year the Mets had yesterday against those annoying Marlins (I told you they'd still get on our nerves.) Yesterday, however, I completely failed to even get into the fact Friday Night was the first time they wore the new Blue jerseys. So, with the Orange and Blue hats dropping on Thursday with the Snow-whites, as well as in yesterday's 7-3 win, it makes sense to start this by talking about the alternates.

Firstly, and this is kinda outta character for me to utter an "only the Mets" line like this, but only the Mets would drop two alternate uniform items together (David Wright Presser) only to wear them separately the first time they wear either of them in the season.

Secondly, The Orange and Blue hats work well with the snow-whites. At first, it took me a second, and it wasn't like I was disgusted at first glance. Once you warm up to them, however, the combination is outstanding.

Thirdly, though I happened to like the combination of the full-blue hats and the blue jerseys better than I did with the Los Mets and more than I thought I would when I wrote about the direction I thought the blue uniform should go in, I would still like to see the guys in the combo David Wright wore. Maybe they decided that the Orange and Blue cap would only be worn on day games. Maybe they decided with the orange lettering and piping that the home jerseys have, the Orange and Blue cap would be better suited with the road grey lettering. I guess we shall possibly find out this week when the Mets head to Philadelphia and...Minnesota....

Anyway, having almost been a full day since an awesome victory (REGARDLESS of the opponent. I told you the Marlins are going to be annoying. And I don't even think it's because we're the supposed-to-be-in-4th-place-near-the-Marlins Mets. I think other National League East teams will find this team annoying, even if they still up with 90 losses...oh wait...I had a point outside of this parentheses...)

...The first thing off the top of my mind is that Ike still struggled a bit but got a couple solid and lucky hits. Combined with David's 3-4 day ('cause seriously. Nolasco.) Buck's continuing AWESOMENESS, an RBI triple by Daniel Murphy, another Cowgill shot, and a settled-in Jon Niese, and you have some good signs regarding this team over the first 5 games. Clearly some of the same concerns we had going into the season are there, but even through their struggles, the Mets look to be battling. 


Hopefully we don't get a Laffer out of Aaron Laffey today...

What is it? Pix 11 at 1?

Hope you're all having a great weekend. 
Enjoy some Sunday Orange and Blue.

Oh. And Random Gut Instinct: I think Terry either doesn't make the year if they struggle mightily or doesn't get brought back next year regardless...except in a Miracle situation...

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