Sunday, April 7, 2013

So, uh...what's with catchers hitting?

I didn't know they DID that.

Great job by Anthony Recker in his first start as a Met. Got us on the board after no at bats all week. When your main catcher is going so well, clearly you're going to keep him goin'. But Recker did exactly what you want your back-up catcher to do. Now, I'd like to see Terry get him some pinch-hit at-bats, without then inserting him into the catching position to keep Buck in the game. With the potential power Recker has, Phillie would be good looks for him in the pinch-hitting role this week.

Murph. That is all.

What is so interesting about Ruben Tejada running for 3rd in the 9th inning was that I thought he was a dead duck. The thing about being aggressive, and especially on weaker arms, is that their composure might be torn. And the throw was nowhere near being converted into an out.

That Jose Fernandez was nasty, and had the Mets in their first looks completely off balance.

Had the bullpen not done their job, we would most likely not be talking about a Mets 7-run come-from-behind win. Nice job by the whole team to put together the W.

Byrd might not ever hit like he used to, but the way Terry is mixing and matching, everyone might end up doing their part. Great hit, and nice job taking advantage of the oddly-brought-in infield.

Looking forward to the 1st Phillie series of the year. I'm not hesitant to say we have the edge in the opener with Matt Harvey going against Roy Halladay, but of course maybe we should be weary of being too overconfident every time Matt Harvey takes the mound this early in his career. And maybe we should be weary of being too overconfident that Roy Halladay won't figure out how to be crafty without his velocity by the time he faces the Mets.

But then again...


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