Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Idea for the Alternate Blue Uniform

Next year, the Mets will unveil a new alternate blue jersey. We have gotten a preview of it this year and last, with the Los Mets gear dressing up in Blue. While I do think the current design is pretty solid, I have an idea that certainly should be implemented in 2014 (since 2013 schemes have already been delivered to MLB.)

Disclaimer: Ignore the Orange stripes on the sleeves.

Now, for this to be the perfect Mets Alternate Blue Uniform, a couple alterations must be made to the closest pictures I could find (Sorry. I don't currently have photoshop.) First, as I said, get rid of those stupid orange stripes on the sleeves. Toss the Mets Script off the left and throw on the Skyline Logo. On the right sleeve, throw on the Snow-White-uniformed Mr. Met Logo. The only thing I'd change about the hat is obviously the New Era logo, which wouldn't be there anyway. It's a great hybrid hat that should have been the only hybrid hat the Mets ever attempted. You need the orange bill because otherwise, with the blue jersey, there is too much blue. I like the orange button on top and I like the white lining around the interlocking "NY", on both the hat and the jersey. It helps the whole thing pop (which is probably why they made the lettering White on this year’s Los Mets as opposed to last year’s Los Mets. Last Year’s Los Mets with Orange Lettering clashed too much with the Orange piping it crossed.) 

As for the pants, I'd say snow-white make sense. Or let's go retro by having them in matching blue pants, with orange piping down the side. Then, the hat's bill HAS to be Orange.

Whatever color is chosen for the legs, it will be a great combination. It's classy, it's aesthetically pleasing, and it's Orange and Blue. The Mets might already be setting up to roll this out, but just in case, please help me get them aware of the awesomeness so they can get it in the 2014 uniform cycle. I know Mets Police was successful in getting the shadows removed from the scheme and I'm looking to follow in his footsteps. The uniform combos have to be in the offices of MLB by next March. Let's get them thinking about this now. You know and I know it will be a lot of fun watching the Mets play baseball in this uniform scheme.

Let's make this a reality.


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  1. I like it but I think it's too much blue in general. I can't remember if the orange jerseys looked good or not. Personally I like the "Los Mets" jersey as it is, without any changes. I have to admit, the hat is a nice touch.

    1. The current Los Mets jersey is nice, and that is probably the direction they will first go with the alternate blue next year. I hope they listen to our sentiments about the hat, though. I love the original, of course, but if you're going to do an alternate blue, I believe that should be the only hat considered for head gear.