Thursday, April 4, 2013

2-1 Padres is Perfectly Okay

It was bound to happen sometime.

And when you really think about it...wasn't it fine that The Mets didn't TAKE OFF only to drop down hard?

From where I was sitting on the 3rd base side of the field level, even my eyes were swinging at his changeup when it was 2/3 of the way to the plate. Eric Stults was nasty, and it wasn't until John Buck went yard in the 9th that any Met did anything of any magnitude against the Padres pitching.

This was still a game where the Mets and the fans settle into where I could find a bunch of Mets Bloggers on the Shea Bridge and just stand around talking Mets baseball with a great center field view no matter how anemic the Mets offense was while the Gee-Funk pitched well enough to win.

Baseball's back, so though the Orange and Blue lose (because I wasn't wearing enough Orange and Blue), what a loss to celebrate, for the game is back in town, and eventually the wind won't be so fucking cold.

I'm off to the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse for a Swingin' '73 book event, written by Matt Silverman, one of the men who enjoyed the ol' ballgame with me today. If you're at 11th and Broadway at 7PM, stop on in.

Alright so here is where I would have cued up Let's Go Crazy by Prince, but Prince doesn't want anybody to hear it. So, best I can do right now, until THAT gets pulled off youtube, is this...

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