Saturday, April 6, 2013

Attempting to Exorcise the Voodoo

The Big Bad Baseball Gypsy is still searchin'. The more he tries to root for a specific team, the more he realizes he...just can't. He has slightly found a solution, which is to just follow baseball with his gameday audio At Bat.

The thing is, especially with where he has found his location on the 7 line, the Mets would be a natural choice. The 2008 Phillies, however, got him then and are still endearing to him now. Hence the impasse. With Citi Field so close, though, he couldn't see himself not making a few games this year.

That's if I would let him. Last year, the tale of the Gypsy and his Voodoo was well documented on these digital pages. If you're as superstitious as I am, things got pretty damn spooky. I coined him "voodoo" when we walked into that Mets Nats game last year and Dillon Gee immediately gave up a home run. It's been kind of a half-joke since, a narrative I have certainly pushed, though the natural story unfolding in front of us I believe has less to do with me perpetuating the issue and more to do with....spooky ghost stuff...? I don't know, but when you pick up the Gypsy's check when he is out of town and he responds (via text) with "The hex on the Mets has been lifted!" "(For the weekend.)" And you then travel to Citi Field and witness the Mets first no-hitter, they shut out the Cardinals ALL WEEKEND but then lose 5-4 that Monday, no matter how much you might be at fault for continuing the narrative, you still feel there are other forces at work.

I AM trying, however, to get to the point where none of that matters, or at least is just a funny little joke. I laughed at all the times the outside forces seemed to be swaying the Metsian fates, but I was definitely serious about what did start as a funny little quip. If there is baseball only 4 miles away from the Gypsy's location and he wants to see it, I can't stop him because of a stupid superstition.

Of course, though, the Mets had runners on 1st and 2nd and no out when we walked into the ballgame, and by the time we had settled into our seats, an out was made and a double play was grounded into.

My friends who we met at the game agreed there might be something to this whole voodoo thing.

But is it really the Gypsy's fault that the only person who can stop Jordany Jordany Valdespin?

Anyway, the exorcism didn't quite work last night, and took a big hit when in the 7th, the Voodoo Gypsy jokingly started playing the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Go Daddy-o, just before everything fell apart.

The Voodoo Gypsy, however, was still legitimately rooting for the Mets at points throughout the night. When the offense finally (kinda) got it together, he was standing up with the rest of us chanting "Let's. Go. Mets." They battled, but unfortunately could not get over the hump, but he certainly appreciated seeing some fight.

(And Dan Haefeli had the entire section and then some cheering for him when he handed a pop-up foul ball to the kid running towards it.)

So, I'll attempt to exorcise it again in the near future. He's too close to not randomly decide one night or afternoon that we'd like to take in a ballgame, and so at some point, just as it did for the Red Sox, the witch doctor hovering over and shaking his staff with some voodoo spell will have no affect on the Metropolitan baseball team.

I just hope we don't have to wait another 86 years...

Jonathon Niese takes on the Marlins and Ricky Nolasco today at 1:10PM at Citi Field.


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