Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, That was a Disaster...But Here's Julian's Met of the Week

Let me start out by saying I GUARANTEE The Rising Apple Report will never again start late.

If you don't know what I am talking about, I was having technological issues and did not take the proper precautions necessary to make sure The Rising Apple Report would start on time no matter what the circumstances.

I am coming down pretty hard on myself, only for the sake of something like that never happening again.

But for the sake of comedy, listen to the beginning of the podcast (um, followed by the rest of the podcast, of course.)

Pure. Baffoonery.

I got back on track, but for a second there...

Dan Haefeli and Danny Abriano did a great job helping the car gain control, as did Julian, who was able to call in and talk some trading cards with us. Speaking of which...

Once upon a time, when the Mets had yet to sign David Wright, and there was "talk" of The New Franchise getting traded to Philly, Ted, the guy I quote all the time on here, would egg me on about how much the Phils needed a 3rd baseman, and how that 3rd baseman will be David Wright.

Well, I'm now happy to say that THIS is the closest David Wright will ever come to wearing a Phillies uniform.

 And that's Julian's Met of the Week.
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