Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Have a Quote From Ted on this HGH Stuff

Yesterday, some players got caught with their names in the records of a Miami doctor linking them to HGH. Including that douche A-rod.

Here's a quote from Ted:
I just think there is almost an element of addiction or fear of playing without it. Like they are in too deep or something.
Maybe we over-emphasize his douchiness. Maybe A-Rod is the most human part of baseball we can relate to: Not wanting to accept your flaws...fearing, once you're in deep, you won't be "yourself" without it...trying to be "perfect"...

On the surface, though, he looks like a douche who stupidly and arrogantly tried to get away with PEDs in a different way than before.

"Just don't get caught" right?

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