Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Introduction to Julian's Mets

That's my neighbor, Julian. 

Tomorrow on The Rising Apple Report podcast, he will call into the show to discuss his insane Mets trading card collection, which is only a fraction of the overall amount of baseball cards he has. We've been inventorying all of the Orange and Blue in preparation for the show, and, needless to say, we've been finding many, many gems. 

Each week from here on out, we will feature another one of his cards as a segment I will call "Julian's Met of the Week."

In this introduction to the weekly segment, we will feature two cards from the collection.

Kevin Baez is a fellow Rising Apple staff writer. 

Kevin Baez is also a former Met, and a 1992 Topps Stadium Club Mets Card (represented with 5 duplicates in Julian's set.)

When I sent the card to our Kevin Baez, this was his response:

"HAHA, yeah. My father knew of this guy. Was a shortstop I believe. Last I heard, he was the manager of the Long Island Ducks. My father got the idea of my name from another former Met, Kevin Elster. My favorite tried to convince my mother to agree to give me Elster for my middle name, but that didn't happen, hahahah."

Sure enough, I soon sent "this guy" to him.

There were plenty Kevin Elsters when it was all said and done.
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