Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Ramblings about Star Wars and Stuff

Last night, my nerd self put in A New Hope Pandora station, and...(the nerdiness is making me sigh)...went off to a galaxy far, far away. Other movie themes and soundtracks were abound too, but so were the Prequel soundtracks, which I hadn't really partaken in. Written by John Williams as well, his brilliance couldn't quite make the entire prelogy work when sampling soundtrack and screentrack merged together. On its own, however, it brings out how awesome the prequels could have been.

Star Wars, frankly, has nothing to do with the Mets, but Star Wars, frankly has everything to do with the Mets. I'm not going to compare the Mets to the Rebel Alliance battling the Empire (.............?) or what not. All I know is that there are many a Metropolitan Star Wars fan out there in the universe, one of which happens to write for a pretty awesome blog. R.A. Dickey is a huge Star Wars nut and pictures like this exist. That's enough for this to actually not be that random of ramblings. I've rambled and posted some things on here that have infinite degrees of separation from the Mets, but this is, no degree or 1 degree or somethin'. Us Star Wars fans want to make Star Wars about everything. I'm not the type of Star Wars fan who dresses up and goes to conventions, but I don't mind walking through a Citi Field Star Wars Imaginationland. Star Wars Night should be an annual event.

Some of you may know I've proclaimed my full support for the Disney Acquisition of Lucasfilm. I am extremely excited for Episode VII, and its a good sign that the first big news announced after the merge had to do with the story. That's a writer I can get behind.

The prequels could have been soooooo good. And maybe one day down the road, 30 or so years from now, they will remake those things (no offense, George Lucas who might be dead by then, if he is not being kept alive in a Vader suit.)

Maybe they could just use the same soundtracks again.

John Williams did his best.
Some others, though, dropped the ball.

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