Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Companion Piece to My Call for a Lil Knuckler Respect

Yesterday morning on Rising Apple, I asked what is up with the lack of love for the reigning National League Cy Young Award Winner. On MLB Network, "The Shredder" pumped out it's computerized Top 10 Starting Pitchers RIGHT NOW and left off our former 20-game winner. Though I quarrel with the humans who left him off their lists as well, "The Shredder" is where I want to focus this time around.

MLB Network normally gets a bunch of their people together to argue these lists they make (and there are, entertainingly, a lot of the lists), including past years "Right Now" countdowns. This year, they decided Clubhouse Confidential's "The Shredder," which Brian Kenny and his folks normally use to see whether or not our perception of one thing might be another, should pump these lists out.

A countdown segment should always stir up arguments and conversations, but the beauty of it all is that they normally are provoked by human thought, emotion, reasoning and bias. Arguing with "The Shredder" is a lot less fun.

Clearly, I love computers and I love this age my life has entered into.

It has expanded my world beyond unimaginable horizons.

But when is it all a little too much?

Though "The Shredder" and Top 10 lists are the least of our problems while living in this era, they have inspired the Song of the Night.

computer age is now
everyone must have a machine
they say it's gonna make life easier
well i can't stand it

they say we should put them in control
well maybe this will give them soul
i guess we must think that they're gods
while we're less men than ever

i know the Lord can not be too glad
in fact i'm sure He must be quite mad
to see us take this role from our lives
and give it to computers

for here we sit in our easy chairs
as our machines design our affair
who will suffer
who will survive
it's up to the computers

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