Friday, June 12, 2015


I haven't been consistent with this blog, and neither have the Mets.

Well...the way I phrased it, it sounds like the Mets haven't been consistent in writing on my blog, but you get my drift.

The Mets haven't been consistent with anything.
When they hit, they don't pitch. When they pitch, they don't hit.

The 2-1 games have older Mets fans flashing back to 1971.

And games like Matt Harvey's 8-5 loss have them flashing back to Game 7 of '73.

The last thing the Mets have been is consistent.

Except consistently in 1st place.

It was ironic to randomly check in on the Washington/Milwaukee game when I did Thursday night. The Mets had long walked off, salvaging a horrendous series to their Orange Ancestors, a series in which an asshole could argue contains the only no-hitter in Citi Field history. I hadn't even acknowledged on this blog the 3rd anniversary of the greatest baseball game I ever attended, and here's some rookie with the same last name as the man who played Moses putting an exclamation point on how inept the Mets offense has gotten before I could mark the former on here. 

Back, however, to the midwest, where I was happy to find Bob Uecker call a game as well as ever. The score 6-5 Brew Crew, who had staved off an early Nats swarm to chip away and eventually take a lead into the 9th...with none other than Frankie Rodriguez on the mound to save it. Though he gave up a 2-out hit to Ian Desmond, he got 3 ground ball outs the Mets back in front of the team they beat.

What a weird season this 2015 has been.

It's June 12th. The season is long. And we could all use a little more consistency in our lives.

But at least we're currently in first place.

Cheers to that.

Let's see if we ever take off.


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