Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beat R.A.

It's unbelievable to think that the 2nd most memorable game for me from 2012 is almost 3 years old. When R.A. Dickey solidified his place in Mets history, winning his 20th game by a 6-5 margin, the bullpen narrowly blowing the comeback victory for the New York Mets (and a great catch by the opposition to boot.) Those Mets lost 88 games that year, but THAT win MEANT something. It was a glorious day at the ballpark.

Now, The Mets face R.A. for the first time in their current incarnation, and in his. In an ironic twist, the Mets current elder statesman, Bartolo Colon, will face the knuckleballing righty, who is in his potentially last year with the Blue Jays, who hold a team option with a $1 million buyout.

Is it conceivable that we could see R.A. Dickey in a Mets uniform next year? Bartolo's contract will be up, and some of these young pitchers will still have an innings limit. Plus, the knuckleball, back in the NL East, would offer everybody a completely different look every 5th day, along with a veteran anchor for the young staff. It's interesting to conceive, and possibly monitor once the offseason rolls around...

But first thing's first...Beat R.A. Tonight. Don't let him be pumped to face you and then he has his best outing in 3 years.


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