Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Exhaustion

I hadn't gotten too much sleep over that last week. I had eyed these offdays, Monday and Tuesday, as days to soak up sequences of R.E.M. The only thing is I'm broke, in need of an apartment, and some short-term supplemental income luckily bursted onto the scene. I was left with no choice. Less sleep it was.

Around gametime, my friend and I, who helped get me the gig, wrapped it up. So, from 7:10 on, with a walk through Soho, Noho and up towards Union Sq., onto the Q train to Flatbush Brooklyn, it was around the middle of the game that I laid down on my bed. Clearly, there was the risk of falling asleep with this crucial matchup on, but after a long day into a hard day's night, I just wanted to relax with the game on, and relax with the game on I did.

And longer than I freakin' expected to.

As those innings kept dragging on, I was in that perfect zone of completely awake but sleeping to the rest of the world except for you and your game. The fact it went all the way to the 14th inning wasn't a detriment. It felt like the perfect world.

That seems to be the Mets number lately. 14 runs Saturday, 14 innings Monday. We're lucky the game didn't go into Tuesday.

I can only hope 14 is a good omen, with a certain Gil watching over us more so this year.

Good things happen when luck and preparation meet.

I'm glad I got to sleep before midnight.


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