Monday, April 20, 2015

Well, If the Mets Fan Incarnate Has Been Born Again...

...then there must be something to all this.

Yesterday, for the 2nd #HarveyDay of the year, and one where our ace was feeling under the weather, the place was once again rocking, and it did especially when it was dire. Two vital players had gone down in the 7th inning, and the Marlins were bearing down, having cut the lead to 1, it now being the 9th and a runner on. I will admit, it was the most Metsian angst I had had all week, though it wasn't in 2010 form, or '11, '12, '13, or '14 form. As Greg Prince, whom I like to call the Mets Fan Incarnate, said on Faith and Fear in Flushing when the winning streak had only reached 6, this feels different:

"You can draw parallels and comparisons with previous seasons and their encouraging beginnings. You can project out from the best of the past anything you want. Yet I’m not tempted to. I’ve spent most of my existence keeping close tabs on this franchise and I’m telling you: this feels different.  
I feel equally untethered to the unrelenting sour times of the recent past and the occasionally glorious times of the distant past, and I don't mind. I take comfort in knowing it's all back there and that it all informs what we expect and how we react. Trust me, I know where to find it should I need it. This 2015 journey, though, is its own thing: kinda young, kinda now...kinda free, kinda wow."
So, even though everything COULD theoretically fall apart with a runner on and Giancarlo Stanton up with 2 outs, us fans were going to be every bit as confident and involved as every player on the Mets 25-man roster.

It hurt, but we've won 8 straight.
It sucks that I have to say this again, as I did after David Wright went down, but I think this team will once again absorb the blow.
This feels different.
This feels like the 2015 New York Mets.

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