Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Funkin' Out at the Citi on the Eve of 42

Last night, sitting in section 121, I brought somebody who had never been to a baseball game before. Someone who as well didn't know too much about the sport. They come from the world of Rounders, a baseball relative. Man, did they get their fair share of good ol' fashioned New York-American baseball filled fun, after passing by Ebbets Field with them earlier and explaining that a ballteam used to play there, including a certain man named Jackie...

At Citi Field on April 14, 2015, we were loud, we were raucous, rambunctious...there were home runs, there were hit batsmen, there was retaliation, there was a manager ejection...there was cheering, there was shouting, there was shouting loudly at Frenchy, welcoming Mr. Jeff Francouer back for a few games...there were injuries, there were replacements, there was Anthony Recker, a backup catcher/off-the-bench masher, playing at 3rd base, there was David Buchanan of the Phillies becoming Metropolitan Public Enemy #1...

And of course, it was Harvey Day, grinding out the win after admittedly getting fastball heavy on the day he stepped back on the Queens mound for the first time since 2013.

What a first game of baseball to take in.

The atmosphere at Citi Field is changing right before our eyes. Yes, our Captain went down last night, but he made the mature decision he didnt make in 2013 to not try and play through the pain. And what is hopefully for two weeks only, the guys around him who are all of a sudden veterans will pick up the slack. And if he's out longer, I firmly believe that this team won't miss a beat.

One of the things I loved about last night was how the entire stadium started chanting "Terry, Terry..." when he started getting into it with the umpire, and I had never seen us rally around Terry like that before. Many fans, myself EXTREMELY INCLUDED, have been harsh critics of Terry's in-game managing. He of course has been extremely vocal about how confident he and everybody is that the time has come. Last night, you saw, in the flesh, that emotion, the feeling the time has come, manifest itself in Terry and in the fans. Though I've been tough on the guy, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if they keep grinding it out like this.

The time has come.

Funk out in the Orange and Blue.


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