Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Subdued, but Rising Nonetheless

Citi Field seemed to explode so much the first two days, it needed a night to chill (though with a win as well.)

As it was the first home game I could not attend, back in Two Boots Pizza Hell's Kitchen after my weekend of Monday and Tuesday (will now work every evening through Sunday.) I am sure, though there were 15-20,000 less in the ballpark than the first two games, the fans were loud and having fun with a bit more of a breather than the Mets have been playing with a 6-1 final on the Day of 42.

The Phillies look bad, that is for sure. Who knows when the shoe will drop and someone may take on some more of those contracts, but consider Chase Utley and Cole Hamels as the definites to be moved by July, and who knows which one first. Ryan Howard is as unmovable a contract as I have ever seen. In similar, if not much more extreme fashion, to OUR 1st baseman ankle injury of 2011, the last out of the 2011 NLDS between the Cardinals and the Phillies has deteriorated almost all value from the player. And it's too bad, even if I like striking him out every time.

Now, the team I had been most worried about during the offseason, the Miami Marlins, comes to town for our first meeting of the year. You know what? I'm not worried about anybody from now on. We'll have to get through anybody and everybody if we are to achieve the goal, so bring on the most annoying team the Mets have ever played. No matter who is in those uniforms or what the uniforms look like, the Marlins will always be that pesky asshole who won't stop poking you.

Bring 'em on.
Make it Funky.

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