Wednesday, May 14, 2014

When In Rome...

What's funny about when I wrote that headline was that I didn't even write it thinking about how the Yankees like to view themselves and their ballpark as, "Romanesque..."

But it's true. The Mets maximized return while still having some issues with their pitching. 10 walks last night and they gave up 7 runs in each game. Tanaka and Citi Field could spell doom for the suddenly potent Mets offense. Or they could keep getting solid rips at the ball, HR or not. Though it's not like the depleted-and-relatively-empty-to-begin-with Yankee pitching is anything like what Tanaka can do.

What's cool about last night was that the Rangers, about an inning or so after Daniel Murphy all but sealed the victory with a right field upper deck pole shot, wrapped up a miraculous comeback, after being down 3-1 in the series, and now get a chance to play for the conference championship. With less attention being focused on the game as people dispersed from Yankee Stadium early, Met fans and Yankee fans alike watched and rooted for the Rangers to put the finishing touches on the series, all chanting "Let's go Rangers" on their way out.

So now, the series shifts to the Bay of Flushing, with players now needing to overcome its Great Wall. Stay within yourself, don't try to do too much, take it to the gaps, and the good swings will come.

I can't begin to tell you how pumped I am for Rafael Montero's debut tonight. The kid has great composure and can hit his spots as well as any young pitcher I've ever seen. Madduxesque....if I may say. Yankees generally have a hard time against ANY pitcher making his debut, so we'll see if that trend continues. Tonight should be very exciting. One way or the other, after seeing these last two games (ESPECIALLY with Monday night's epic finish) I don't know how anyone could say this has gotten old. This is all about New York City, and I love walking and biking around, taking in the sights of this town, while two NY teams duke it out. It is epic, and sets the bar that much higher for when they once more meet in the World Series.

Whenever that may be...

Enjoy the next two games everyone.


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