Friday, May 16, 2014


Remember last year's All-Star Game? At Citi Field? The NL team got shut out on 3 hits?

I said to myself, "My, how Citi Field of the All-Star Game."

This offense seems to change its approach dramatically when coming home, and that is the dimensions still haunting this team. Not to take anything away from how well the Yankees pitchers pitched in our ballpark, but we had our chances. Am I saying change the dimensions even further? No. I'm saying the damage has been done and there is no fixing it after they structurally ruined any possibility of that without a major overhaul of the ballpark.

The aggressiveness disappears because they are afraid of powering an out, when the aggressiveness should stay and they should aim for the gaps. Home runs will come...maybe. But still, something is fundamentally wrong with the psyche of anyone who plays in that place as the home team.

So, we head down to Washington, DC, for our first series against the Nationals in their ballpark. At this point, with no Lagares in the lineup, for the 4th time in 5 days, Terry seems off his rocker even more than I believed he could go, but unless they keep losing, there is really nothing that can be done no matter how much a good amount of us think this is outlandish and fireable. Terry Collins is a detriment to us winning ballgames, and it's becoming more and more a poor mark on Sandy's judgement, no matter how much a 2-year deal is anything but a true vote of confidence.

I will ALWAYS root for the Mets to win, no matter how much I might disagree with certain pieces in place. If this inconsistency continues, and even more so leans towards increasing the numbers in the right column of the record, it's only a matter of time before Terry Collins's contract is eaten.

Let's pick the Nats out of our hair and squish them as we throw them to the ground.


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