Monday, May 12, 2014

I STILL Don't Know How We Won That Game

There I was...writing the recap for Rising Apple when all of a sudden Daniel Murphy hits a 2-run home run.

You can see the vitriol I was swimming in from the beginning of the piece...and you can see where I was utterly amazed that the Mets showed any life at all. I actually wrote, ", Daniel Murphy hit a 2-run home run."

I think the play of the 9th inning, other than the Murph jumpstart, was the Bobby Abreu ball off Chase Utley's glove. If you didn't see the play, well, Chase basically over-dove it. Chase could have easily made that play. Way to make contact there, Bobby, 'cause with the amount of LOB we had this weekend (Over 35), clearly we hadn't been making enough contact with runners on and less than 2 out.

And gotta give it to Ruben Tejada, for swinging at a 1st-pitch fastball, something they don't often do on this team, and lining it into left. He's been in the doghouse, so way to come through.

Honorable mention in this piece has to go to Chris Young as well, who got two key hits late, and put some good swings on the ball for those hits.

So, my frustration was cooled a bit. Just a bit. Do I still think that Terry Collins shouldn't be the manager of this team at some point, and sooner rather than later? Absolutely, and my friend Danny Abriano speaks for me in this piece right here. But it was nice for a nice Mother's Day surprise after taking care of it last Father's Day. And HEY! We were a much better team the rest of the season after that...maybe it happened a little earlier this know...before we are 15 games under .500....

So, now we head to the Bronx to take on those Yankees. We are 17-19. They are 19-17. Interesting. Zack Wheeler will take on Carlos Beltran at some point. And maybe Curtis Granderson can REALLY turn it on by practicing in his old stomping grounds. Though I always expect that the Yanks will take more advantage of their joke of a ballpark than we do, but then again, we are riding a 4-game winning streak against the team! But Fastball-Bartolo in that ballpark frightens me...

Time to take the 4 train, True New Yorkers.


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