Monday, November 25, 2013

Impatiently Waiting...

Apparently, in modern terms, I am what you would consider... ADHD. I was put on Ritalin when I was 4 years old, but in my adult life, I have wanted to avoid being on any prescription drug, unless it's for allergies. Maybe that stubbornness is a fault of mine, but I have not taken a Ritalin pill or any of those types of ADHD medicine in 6 years. I feel there are much more natural remedies I can use to focus myself on what I need to do. My dad once said that when I first took the pill, it was the first time he ever saw me, a kid going back and forth 100 miles an hour, stop and take a big, deep breath. Maybe that's really all I needed: a big, deep breath. So, when I find myself going too fast and/or losing focus, I try to take a big, deep breath, and seems to work every time. (Also, driving and cycling through New York City helps hone your focusing skills as well, because of how you are forced to focus on your entire panorama.)

Earlier in my screenwriting experiences, I would finish a first draft and show it to everyone saying, "HERE!!! IT'S DONE!!! LET'S MAKE IT!!!" I have since curbed my enthusiasm, much more understanding of the writing (and rewriting) process. Things take time, and now that I am gaining an education it the art form, I have a much better understanding of what it takes to get these projects to come to fruition. It's daunting to say the least, but I feel I have the talent, will and determination to see it through.

So, it's remarkable that when it comes to the Mets, I have been rather patient, always preaching the optimist's perspective, loving every minute of every ballgame, even in these losing years. I arrived to baseball for many reasons, one which was that it was a very detail-oriented viewing experience that I could focus on for 2 or more hours. So, maybe my patience stems from that since it can be so easy for me to lose focus. I've also been accused of complaining too much, and being loud while doing it, so as I grow older, I have attempted to shed this trait from my characteristics. Complaining is such an easy thing to do in this world, and really, the majority of human beings do complain a great amount, some complaints valid, others not so much.

I understand the fanbase's complaints, though. Really, it won't go away until the team has a winning season, makes the playoffs, wins the World Series, and all that jazz. Even then, though, after the parade, there will be a management move that flashes across their screen, and someone will say, "Yep, of course they're satisfied with one and done. Same old Mets..." Something along those lines, right?

Ted Berg of USA Today's For the Win said something on the Rising Apple Report last week, basically summing up the current Mets Hot Stove environment:
"I hate being the impatient Mets fan. And I always say I wish I could just bury my head in the sand for the entire offseason and wake up on April 5 or whenever Opening Day is and say, 'Ok. Who's on the team?' because, you know, we have no control over these things and ultimately the 2014 Mets will be the 2014 Mets and it doesn't matter how and when they get there. But right, I eager for fresh blood on the team, and I hate that it's come to that, but that's just because of the way the team has played the last few years."

Impatiently waiting for a track to explode on...

Anyway, I can't focus on this crap anymore. Here's a Random Nothing.


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