Friday, July 19, 2013

Well, That Felt Like the Mets

Leave it to Citi Field to make the home team National League look offensively inept.

Obviously it wasn't the ballpark more than the actual offense (and, of course, the AL pitching) but there might just be something about Citi Field that radiates and latches onto the home team so they can only come up with 3 singles and no runs.

Outside of the game which was a bit of a letdown (except our Mets who did their part, with 2 scoreless innings from Matt Harvey and one of the singles from David Wright [not to mention Carlos Beltran collecting one of them as well]) this week was a METS BRANDING BONANZA.

I can't remember the All-Star Game's identity, which is always a form of the hometown team's colors and logos, selling the brand of one team so dramatically. We all knew it was Bud Selig's gift to the Wilpons to help them on their way back from Madoff, but my God. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED IT, especially how every player looked like they were in a Met uniform for the Home Run Derby and the pre-game workouts. I had just never seen one team's brand be so showcased the way the Mets were to America and the World this week. 

It was awesome.

Anyway, before tonight's game, take a listen to Dan Haefeli and I on this week's Rising Apple Report, where we discuss the All-Star Break, the 1st half, and preview both the upcoming Phillies series at Citi Field and the 2nd half overall.

Welcome back to baseball, everybody.

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Then there was THIS guy.

Let's see how that worked out.

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