Monday, July 15, 2013

Breaking Good

It would of course been better had we been able to take the series from the Pirates on our way into the break (and we could have, but there's always a lot we could have done, amiright?)

The good feeling can keep going, though, since we didn't get swept.

We didn't blow the game, Dillon Gee kept pitching well, Eric Young kept hitting, Marlon Byrd kept being The Word, Satin got another hit, Buck is Bucking Hitting again, and all the while two Mets prospects were starting the Futures Game at Citi Field (Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero.)

And Mike Piazza was elected into the Mets Hall of Fame.

And Hit a home run in the Celebrity All-Star Softball Game.

The City is all dressed in Orange and Blue, with many a Met fan walking around near my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, the Fan Fest at the Javits Center this weekend bringing them from all over. This All-Star Game, a gift to the Wilpons from Bud Selig, is great for the Mets brand, not only here in town but all over the country (and the World.)

There are still a lot of question marks, but it seems as if the bad feeling that has surrounded this team for a while now is slowly dissipating. Our pitching is some of the best in baseball, we have arguably the best 3rd baseman in the game, and though the outfield is still something to be desired and our star 1st baseman is still having a rough go at it, 2013 has brought a good feeling back to the National League side of New York.

It has become a cliché thing to say these last few days, but as our record stands at 41-50 (whereas it stood at 46-42 with a 3-game losing streak goin' on a year ago) maybe, just maybe, we'll have a reversal of fortune regarding the 2nd half. Am I saying we're going to make the playoffs? No. (my opinion is that Terry Collins, not talent, is what is keeping us from going on a real run. I obviously hope I'm wrong and would gladly welcome a run deep into October with Terry leading the charge, I just don't believe that's a scenario with him managing.....I guess Ya Gotta Believe, right?)

Regardless of my feelings on Terry Collins, I don't believe the success we've had recently is a fluke. I believe this team is capable of continuing to play winning baseball, and I look forward to what the 2nd half has in store after an Orange and Blue All-Star Week.

Enjoy the break and the festivities, everyone.


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