Monday, July 1, 2013


I loved how crowded and into it Citi Field was at the beginning of yesterday's game.

Zack Wheeler had a great 1st inning. He looked electric.

Was he tipping his pitches later?

I don't think so. He was just generally missing his spots. Inside pitches were tailing out, outside pitches were tailing in. I'm glad he's up here, though, and can now make adjustments and learn on the Major League level.

The Mets hadn't had a real dud like that in a while. So, let's not harp on it the way I harped on Terry's overmanaging friday night, aight?

Once more, later today at 1:30PM EST, the first Bedford & Sullivan podcast will launch with special guests Larry King and Brooklyn Borough Historian Ron Schweiger.

Quite the way to kick things off.

Enjoy the beginning of your week, everyone.

(You know what? I hadn't heard it in a while. And if you haven't, put a smile on your face this Monday Morning.)

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