Thursday, June 20, 2013

The 9th Loss

It's been a wacky season for Shaun Marcum. He now has 9 losses, bringing his career total to 57-45. It all hasn't been because of bad pitching, considering he should have been sent home with his 1st win in what turned out to be his 7th loss against the Marlins in 20 innings. He started out clearly ineffective because of no spring training under his belt. Now, though, it's just one of those things.

Whereas the two wins by Harvey and Wheeler on Tuesday had as much to do with the overall mood and direction of this franchise than improving 2013's record, last night, regardless of a win or a loss, was mostly about the short-term, while also analyzing new players such as Eric Young, Jr., who the Mets traded for with Colorado by sending DFA'd Collin "Shut the Rockies Down" McHugh out to the Mile High City after the games on Tuesday.

The doubleheader and the roster moves were discussed prior to The 9th Loss on this week's Rising Apple Report, which unfortunately got cut off a couple minutes early due to technical difficulties on Blog Talk Radio's part.

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