Thursday, June 13, 2013

Apparently We Need to Podcast Everyday

For the 2nd straight week, the Mets helped Gee get a win after a couple of us talked about how awful everything is on the Rising Apple Report podcast. The Mets gave us and Gee a 10-1 win after the podcast returned from a hiatus, and this week a lovely "Feeling comfortable about this 5-1 lead is a strange feeling" victory right after a podcast that had 39 innings of listless baseball very much still in the air.

It's not like all that is wrong with this team went away after one crisp win, so enjoy this week's podcast, with myself and Dan Haefeli discussing how everything's wrong and it all needs to change.

We look forward to talking about Zack Wheeler's successful debut on Tuesday in ATL on next Wednesday's podcast.

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