Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worse...and Worse...And Worse...

Last night, it was oneathose things again where I wasn't able to check the score till a lot later in the evening. When I have class at 6, my laptop attempts to send all these alerts out about the game at 7, but I'm still having trouble connecting to the New School wifi, so my email program goes haywire saying it can't send out the automatic alerts.

Two hours later, I've gotten so distracted from anything Metsie that I have forgotten to turn on my At Bat App to see what's going on.


More of THAT?

The quote I received that probably sums it up to all those who were able to watch comes from a Mr. Danny Abriano.

"7 unearned runs..sloppy, listless baseball."

Unfortunately, I can respond by saying, "Word."

More words to come on the podcast tonight at 6:30PM EST.

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