Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Brought the Voodoo in. IT WAS ME.

I invited the Big Bad Baseball Gypsy to Citi Field Wednesday evening, trying not to think or care of Karma, Superstition, or any factor outside of the Mets own ineptness. My buddy on the inside got me what turned out to be even sweeter tickets than he usually gets for me, right behind home plate in seats I thought I bought at Raymour and Flannigan.

Literally directly in front of us in the first row of the new seats turned out to be my cousin (the one who witnessed the No-han with me), and around the 7th inning, 4 rows in front of us, was a girl I dated in college who recognized me out of the corner of her eye.

The night was weird like that.

By the end of it, the Voodoo Gypsy was rooting for anything to move the game along, and was ready for Chase Utley to strike out so he could get outta there. When Utley walked, he said, "Well, now Howard's gonna hit a dinger."

Big Bad Baseball Voodoo is making it very hard to throw superstition out the window right about now.

There were many factors other than the Gypsy that led to this loss, not short of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, who have been one of the big differences between the Mets and the Phillies since 2007.

Certainly, the bright spots of the game that make it meaningful include Matt Harvey's Final Awesomeness of the Year and the Continuing Education of Josh Edgin.

But I'm very irritable this morning, which is mainly because I had to wake up at 5:30.

It was the Voodoo Gypsy's 3rd Citi Field game ever. I had been begging him for a while, for some odd reason, to come to Citi Field with me, and in July of 2011, he relented. That first game we won 11-2 over the Phils, but he tied it with the 2-6 loss to the Nats that got the Voodoo Legend started. Last night's 9th inning played like a rubber match. I'll give him the series, and never invite him to Flushing again. Don't think we need to turn it into a 5-game series.

On the way home, of all the songs playing on 101.1 and 104.3, the following was the most poignant for the evening.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long."

Only 4 wins all 2nd half. What's another loss?

As Amazin' Avenue said, "Come On!"


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