Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Podcast & Mets Legacy Photo of the Day - Bob, Elliot & Bagels

Tonight on The Rising Apple Report, I will join host Matt Musico and Michael Lecolant for the piping-hot half-hour on NY Mets talk. This week's topics will include whether the WBC is worth it, what's going on with Johan and the Mets, and Jordany's cup check. And of course, all the latest up-to-the-minute Spring Training news. So, make sure you tune in at 6:30 PM EST for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

Last night, Julian (of Julian's Mets), his family and I were delighted to watch a reading of a new Hilda Chester musical at the St. Peter's Church in the Citigroup Center on Lex and 54th.  With the show still in development, there isn't too much of a plug I can give it (except that everyone should keep their eyes peeled for it.) There was, however, plenty of old-timers in the audience, including the crew in today's Mets Legacy Photo of the Day.

Bob Goldberg, in the Dodger uni, remembers the joys of being apart of the Ebbets Field crowd...and the despair he and others felt when they got up and left. Elliot Ames, on the right, remembers the ecstasy he felt when Bobby Thompson helped "The Giants win the Pennant!"

And Bagels...well, he's part of "The New Breed." (Though both Bob and Elliot are now Mets fans as well.)

Tune into the podcast, everyone.
(and make sure you check back in here after 7 
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I just found this video while looking for an link/example of "The New Breed."

THE NEW BREED: The Story of the fans of the 1962 New York Mets from Geoff Hoover on Vimeo.

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