Thursday, November 15, 2012

That Cy Young Better Have a Knuckle Grip On It

In my wildest dreams, there's a World Series involved. But when I and many other Met fans who...kinda saw this coming, realizing R.A. Dickey was an ace before anybody really gave it much thought...when we dreamed of what R.A. Dickey could do, I'm not sure we ever even imagined a Cy Young Award at the end of it.

R.A. Dickey was easily the best pitcher in the National League. Once that award was announced, all us Met fans nodded our heads and said, "Yeah. Exactly." Today, we celebrate that everyone else completely agrees.

Let us not fret over whether or not he will be a Met. Right now, he is a Met, and a Met who gave us, the city and the game of baseball one of the most thrilling, most entertaining and most fantastic pitching seasons the collective has ever seen. The fact his franchise collapsed around him for the umpteenth time in its 50-year history makes it all the more impressive. Though a season without a ring will always be bitter, this...this right here, has much, much more of the sweet.

That jersey was customized and purchased December 1, 2011, and arrived to me sometime that week. The patches were added by me at a later date. It was my first real Mets jersey; no hand-me-down t-shirt or '47 Brand Shop shirt. This was the real deal, and I am beyond ecstatic that it went through a Cy Young season in its first campaign (not to mention a No-Hitter.)

In 2010, R.A. Dickey became one of my favorite Mets ever. In 2011, he became my favorite Met ever. In 2012, he won the Cy Young Award.

Love Live The Knuckler.

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