Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Nature of the R.A.

Articles about the Dickey Situation must be written on November 8, 2012. Mets people haven't had any baseball to discuss in a while and of course cling to every possible scoop on the future of this franchise. We see the articles every time these times come along, and we as fans eat it up, because the offseason has become a huge cog in the baseball media machine. We've got nothing else and we want it all. In regards to this delicate situation, though, I think we must all take a breath and remember that this is how all this stuff works.

Of course Dickey wants 5 years of a guaranteed job. He expects himself to be able to perform every single one of those years. The Mets, naturally, would rather edge on the conservative side and sign an aging pitcher (you know what? Screw that. Every single one of us is aging)...older pitcher to, say, a 2-year deal with an option. It would make sense that each side would want to start in their respective places. What goes on after that? Hmmm...let me think...Oh, yeah. They negotiate.

Listen, If I were them, I would as well seriously consider what I could get back for a possible Cy Young Award Winner. They are also aware, however, how quickly R.A. Dickey has endeared himself to the fans of this City, easily becoming one of the most popular pitchers the Mets have ever had.

Maybe its the folk hero nature of the story arch, but I want R.A. Dickey to continue his career as a New York Met, potentially finishing in the Orange and Blue. I understand we could theoretically win sooner with the haul he would bring back, but I want Robert Allen on this team when we take over reigns once more. His baseball identity is one of the coolest things to ever grace the field, and he's one of us. I don't want that going away.

The Mets can and most likely will pull off a trade involving starting pitching for a position player, and I would rather it come from somewhere else. (No offense, Niese. Seriously. No offense. You were born as the Mets were hoisting the trophy. 

And no offense, Gee. You're the man.)

If they don't get a deal done, and he is traded away, it certainly will be bittersweet. Hopefully the players that make their way over here are endearing in the form of a winning team, but I think there are other ways of making that work without involving The Knuckler.



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