Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hearing 'bout the Fish as We Travel Through the Land

My dad and I finally hit the road to 'Bama and Denver yesterday. First, we had to come back into the city for a doctor's appointment of his, and from there we ventured down to Northern Virginia, to see my aunt and my uncle, who is recovering from a stroke. He is making great progress, but it is still hard to see him in that condition. The visit certainly got him excited, and his energy level was fantastic. We crashed there for a couple hours, then got up in the middle of the night and kept driving the long journey down to the South. We are passing through Tennessee now, and should arrive in Birmingham sometime in the afternoon.

Just in time for a nap, because my sleep schedule is really out of whack. (Didn't mean for that to rhyme, BUT I am a poet...and I do know it.)

Anyway, sometime last night, this is how I found out about the newest Marlin fiasco, via a few Ted's Quotes (he's regularly the one to break news to me, as he did when Reyes Grew Fins):

Ted: Yo, the Marlins.

Me: What

Ted: They just traded...everyone
Everyone but Stanton
To the Jays
Reyes, Johnson, burrhle, bonofacio, buck

Me: Holy. For what?

Ted: That's so crazy. I'd be super pissed if I was Reyes. And no free agent will ever sign there again
Yunnel Escobar and two big prospects

Me: I knew Reyes would get traded. Didn't think it would be so quick.

Ted: Now he's stuck in Toronto

Sam: Which might not be bad
Not weather wise, though

Ted: I mean your an FA you get to pick where you want to play / live and then they turn around and screw you and lock you down in Toronto for what 4 or 5 more years
What a total shit organization
Apparently mike Stanton is angry tweeting right now

Yeah, they really suck. As all that spending was occurring last offseason, we all knew it wouldn't work, but I don't think any of us could have predicted the fire sale would happen so quickly. I figured Reyes would be a Yankee in 2 or 3 years when Jeter moved to the outfield or something. Yeah, don't think that's gonna happen now.

And I'm kinda sad to have him gone out of the division. I had grown attached to his role as a divisional rival and villain, but that's something I'll get more into over at Rising Apple later.

Anyway, I've got to take over driving for a little. Looking forward to the Cy Young Award announcements later, regardless of who wins (though I do have a feeling R.A. will take it.) It will be nice to have the 2012 season that much more in the rearview mirror.

And one last note, though I do believe we should all have perspective and not complain about #FirstWorldProblems...

This Blogger App sucks.

But at least I ate this morning.

It still sucks, though.


(Random Road Trip Photo)

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