Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's not apathy. It just is. At least there was some fight in 'em as opposed to those other 26 losses in the 2nd half at home.

I went between the TV, the At Bat and the radio as The Big Bad Baseball Gypsy and I unloaded stuff from the show into his apartment from my Mom's lovely-lended-out vehicle. I can turn the car on remotely and since I had the pregame on before arriving at their place I knew the game would be on for me as I opened the back door. I grabbed some fluorescent lights and Josh Lewin erupted in jubilation as David Wright made it 4-3. Fantastic timing.

But alas, the comeback fell short.

Every win is a victory and every loss is a victory, as every single player gets evaluated heading into the offseason.

(I hope Robert Carson's Ok.)

And David Wright should break the Mets' hits record either tonight or Thursday.

Two more games.

Then no more Citi Show.

Don't pretend. You know you're gonna miss it.


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